The web vulnerability scanner for all your security needs.

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Focus on your business and stay secure!

Configure a scan through a few simple steps. Let Taipan do the rest.

Use Taipan as a stand-alone tool or configure it according to your network needs. Taipan provides usability and ease of deployment with an enterprise architecture in mind.

Taipan provides a descriptive method of fixing each vulnerability it identifies.

Professional Edition - A complete solution


All the security controls are created in order to provide an high level of accuracy in order to create a high level of accuracy to minimize the number of false positives and false negatives. The Taipan scan engine is able to parse web sites that rely on Javascript or any Javascript based SPA (single page application) framework. Taipan allowss you to configure an authenticated scan with a very easy to use Wizard and all without leaving your browser!

A comprehensive solution

With a comprehensive knowledge base, Taipan is able to identify a vast number of web applications and their possible vulnerabilities. It is also able to identify obsolete versions, in this way you can be sure you always have an updated version installed in your system.


By providing a clear and usable report, the auditor can make an informed decision on which vulnerability to fix first and define an effective mitigation strategy. You can choose to download a PDF report or an HTML report, it also supports the JSON format which can be used in order to parse it in an easy way for further customization needs.

Consultant Edition - For small companies and security professionals

  • Scan your website with the most advanced features
  • Take advantage of all security checks for a comprehensive scan
  • Consult a detailed scan history
  • Generate an HTML report from the executed scans
  • Run it on Windows, Linux and all .NET Core supported systems

Community Edition - Free As In Beer

We believe that security is a necessity for everyone and it is for this reason that we have decided to release a Community version of the core of our scanner. The Community version is initially released to Sponsored users only and after a given period it is released to everyone.

The Community version carries the exact same code as the commercial version but without the advanced features. You can use the Community to scan your personal website or for any not commercial purpose. For more information on the Community license, you can visit the license web page.

We invite you to use it by downloading the latest release from the GitHub web page.

Taipan on Github
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