Taipan Scanner 2.2 released

Updated: Tue, 18 Jan 2019

Version 2.2 of Taipan Scanner is now available. This version adds new features and improvement to the scan engine. The most notable is:

  • XML External Entity (XXE) AddOn: Taipan is now able to identify XXE vulnerability when and endpoint accepting XML data is found. XXE is one of the main class of vulnerability that affect web application, in fact it is in the top half of the OWASP Top Ten 2017. The AddOn is enabled in the Full scan profile.

    You can download the Taipan binary from GitHub.

Taipan 2.0 released

Updated: Tue, 5 Nov 2018

Release of Taipan Pro 2.0. This version adds new features and improvement both to the scan engine and the Enterprise components. Among them:

  • Taipan broker: a new architectural component was implemented, the Taipan Broker. It allows you to decouple the scan engine from the Dashboard. This will provide a better scalability of the full solution in a complex environment.

  • Authenticated Scan: it is now possible to configure an authenticated scan in a very simple way. Taipan Pro supports HTTP Basic, HTTP Digest, Bearer and Web Form. The last one is enabled by guiding the user through a very sample login emulation process, where taipan records all the authentication steps and replies during the scan.

  • HTTP Basic bruteforce AddOn: a new AddOn was implemented. It allows you to bruteforce HTTP Basic form to identify weak username/password accounts. It is possible to enable it throught the Scan settings View.

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